December 10th 2015 was celebrated as “Green Day “by the students of Pre Primary section of KSK Academy, Gajraula. The colour green happens to be the most serene of all colours, and it is no surprise nature has chosen it to be its favourite. Scientifically as well it is the colour that is most placid for the eyes. This activity was done to make the children feel more responsible, as citizens of the earth. As a school, therefore it is our responsibility to teach the children the value of the nature around and the concept that we have only one earth to live in. The children came dressed in the colour green. A variety of activities were organized to mark the occasion. The children pledged to plant more trees and take care of the existing ones. They were reiterated the concept of responsible world citizens. As always the children looked happy learning new and important concept and the teachers had a satisfaction in their hearts, fulfilling their responsibility.