To commemorate the birth anniversary of Shri. Srinivasan Ramanujan,our school had organized GANIT Week in the school campus, to promote the interest of students in Mathematics.

Under which, on 16/12/14 the school had conducted a video lecture on Arithmetic, Population and Energy of Dr. Albort A Bartlett, an emeritus professor of physics at the university of Calorado, USA in the indoor arena. Students were impressed on listening that mathematics is such a wonderful subject, which plays an important role in everyday life.

On 17/12/14 an open essay writing competition was organized, in which students had participated enthusiastically which was the effect of Dr. Albort A Bartlett, to whom they listened on the first day of the program.

On 18/12/14 a Quiz Competition was organized in which entire school was divided into five groups ie, class I to III, class IV and V, class VI to VIII, class IX and X and class XI and XII.

On 19/12/14 students and teachers had an interesting and motivating discussion on importance and application of mathematics in everyday life. Some magic-tricks of maths were shown by teachers as well as students, which amazed everyone.

On 20/12/14 screening of the film NANO KI DUNIYA produced jointly by Vigyan Prasar and Developmental Educational Unit ISRO was done, which was not only informative but also interesting for the students.

On 22/12/14, last day of the GANIT Week Celebration, students had shown their creativity, talent and interest in maths by participating in origami and poster making competition with great enthusiasm. The formal culmination of the function was done by the honorable principal Mr.K.J.Yesudas