Extra Curriculum

At KSK, we offer an important balance to academic work and a welcome chance for students to explore and cultivate personal interests. Students have the opportunity to participate in Science Fairs, Exhibitions; or School Choir and students paint,ride horse, horn computer skills.

We ensure that students maintain a rich extracurricular life, with opportunities for acting, singing and dancing in dramatic or musical productions or Chorus; playing musical instruments in the Orchestra or Band; or writing and editing for the school magazine or newspaper; or participating in other activities.

We conduct special activities aimed at developing the skills of our students in the field of arts and sports.

Co-curricular Activities

The following clubs function within the school campus to promote and satisfy the different aptitudes of students:

  • Eco-Science club
  • Social Science Culb
  • Maths Club
  • Literary Club
  • Cyber Club
  • Wellness and Fitness Club
  • Art & Craft Club

Programmes and Activities

  • Training Programmes
  • Career Guidance Counselling
  • Exhibitions
  • Interactions with experts
  • Group study
  • Festival Celebrations
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